New Lights for Perimeter Trees

January 6, 2016

In 2015, a lot of the subdivisions had pretty sets of C9 retrofit LED lights on the big trees at the entrances. I really liked the look of those, so I want to try to replicate that on some of our perimeter trees, instead of the string of 4″ spaced multi-colored LEDs I have on them now.

I found the bulbs on sale at Holiday Light Express, so I ordered 25 green, 25 red and 50 white to try out. Here is their website.

I also ordered 100′ of 12″ spaced SPT-1 with C9 sockets from them. This string cost $21.55. A few days later, I was at Home Depot, and they were closing out their Christmas stuff. They had 25′ strings of 12″ spaced C9 lights with incandescent bulbs for $2.00. If I took 4 of those strings, I could throw away the bulbs and the wiring and sockets still only cost $8.00 for 100′. This seemed like a great deal. So I went ahead and bought 72 boxes of those lights. I sure hope this look turns out to be what I want, otherwise I don’t know what I will do with all these.